The Stressy Things in Life


Last weekend we had two break in’s a my flat. The 2nd one saw a man who had spent time that evening chatting me up, the presumably following us back and then stealing, vandalising and defecating on our cars. As you can imagine there’s be interviews, and ¬†statements, and more interviews and now we’re faced with a court case. All this happening on a campus environment, meant that despite the fact he was arrested, when he was released back on bail, we saw him walk past us the following day. I’ve never been so stressed out….This had lead to understandable amounts of tension in the flat, and 4 best friends are just irritating each other. The crux of this matter is my good old friend Lupus. I swear I havent slept for days, I’m going partially mad. While the crime has undoubtedly upset the others, and their whole lifestyle, lupus is just kicking me when I’m down. My dreams are borderline horror movies, my moods are swinging like the 60’s, my concentration-none existent. All this at a time when I’m paying 9 grand in tuition fees a year and I haven’t been to a lecture in a week.

People always say to me, never let your illness dictate, you must be in control. I’m coming to the conclusion, when it comes down to stress and Lupus, it’s a compromise, rather than a full on war. At the end of the day, stress is human nature, to eliminate it is unrealistic and ridding us of our basic characteristics, what make us human. You can’t not be stressed out be something, that’s letting it win. What you have to aim for instead is to break the stress down into manageble pieces, and soothe it, not destroy it. So…Ive 15 things blowing my mind out…I’m going to do 15 things to put myself in a better frame of mind. Take a bath, read a chapter of a book, eat a cookie, listen to a song. By actually counting out the issues and then doing something really positive to counteract it has been the only management technique which has come close to getting me through the last week, and its not something I’ve been taught, just something I’ve discovered, along the path. Keep Calm and…Keep Calm?



A Little about Me

Hi there!


If you’re reading this then you probably, like me have Lupus. Maybe you know someone who does, or are just curious, this blog is going to talk you through my little friend. Im a 20 year old undergraduate at University of Exeter, studying for a degree in Biology, and like most other 20 somethings, still clinging onto to the dregs of education, I’m buying time while this amazing career plan suddenly appears in my head over breakfast one day. At the age of 16 I was diagnosed with SLE lupus, and since then Raynauds, Depression and Hypothyroidism have joined the merry pile. I guess at 16, being told that wasn’t as life changing as you might think. I had no concept of how it was going to affect me, I might as well have told I had asthma for all I really cared, but even in just 4 short years I’ve been on a massive journey in terms of discovery, boundaries and borders. It’s been a hell of a rollercoaster ride, and certainly in recent times, my inner Lupie is holding me back a little too much. Something I seem to spend my life saying, is “you don’t understand.” Its very easy to instantly become resentful of every normal, healthy other person, and feel very alienised and alone. I think thats partially why I am writing this blog, to try and find a rant free way of expressing myself. I hope it’s of use to fellow sufferes. I’m no doctor, nor do I have a magic tea bag, but the comfort I get from finding those in same jolly big boat is more than enough sometimes to carry me through.